Throughout 2020, the WSA has worked with prominent artists from all over the world, including:

April 30th / 10 saxophones, 5 countries, 4 hours, 1 sound: jazz.
Exclusive broadcast as part of the official celebrations of International Jazz Day.
Show with ten saxophonists from Argentina, Chile, the Netherlands, the United States, and Uruguay.
Supported by "Jazz Tour Uruguay" and hosted by Jorge Rodriguez Stark.
Sold out event.


May 23rd / Masterclass with Danny Janklow 
Online Masterclass with renowned saxophonist from LA Danny Janklow.
Supported by DPA Microphones and performed at "The Miracle Theater" (Inglewood, CA).
Sold out event.


June 10th / Exclusive interview.
First written interview for the "Jazz Legends" section with the great Chris Potter.
Available in our JL interviews section.


June 27th / South American jazz sounds.
Online show duet with Jorge Rodriguez Stark (vibraphone) and Patricia Lopez (saxophones and flute).
Hosted by Chilean cultural manager Dayana Osorio.



July 25th / Masterclass with Marcelo Martins.
Online Masterclass with renowned saxophonist from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Djavan, Ivan Lins, and Joao Bosco musician.


August 15th / Mike Casey Online Masterclass.
A story-telling songwriter, producer, and sonic alchemist based in New York City.


September 19th / "The Process"
Melissa Aldana Online Masterclass.

How to learn basic concepts, sound, time feel, and the development of ideas.

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