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Nicole Johänntgen.
Jazz saxophonist, composer, and coach. She studied jazz/popular music at the State Academy of Music in Mannheim (Germany) and has lived in Switzerland with her family since 2005.
Johänntgen also performs internationally as a guest soloist at the invitation of various bands and is given the artistic direction to put together projects for festivals. Her focus is on live playing, studio recording, and mentoring. She has produced 20 albums to date and received numerous awards.

Pablo Porcelli. 
Saxophonist, composer of Music for Theater, Cinema, and TV. Author of five sax books, as a soloist, he has recorded eight albums and is the host of the television program "El Mundo de la Musica" by CM Argentina. He has played in countries such as the United States, China, France, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, and Uruguay.
Pablo Porcelli is an international artist D´Addario.


Juani Mendez.
Saxophonist musician, composer, and educator. With two solo albums "Diez Construcciones Fáciles” y "Otra Parte del Todo" has been presented in different international festivals. He has also participated as a musician and director of more than 15 Big Bands and recorded more than 15 albums as a sideman.
With 18 years of teaching experience, he is currently in charge of the Music Production Area, improvisation and saxophone teacher at the Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC, Mercerdes, Uy). It is also Academic director of the School of the “Jazz a la Calle Cultural Association”.


Jorge Retamoza.
One of the saxophonists who have most developed the inclusion of his instrument in the language of tango. 
Baritone saxophone in the Symphonic Band of the City of Buenos Aires, saxophone teacher of the Argentine Music Chair of the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Buenos Aires.
He tours and gives master classes through Argentina, America, and Europe. He performed and recorded with many prominent popular, academic, and international artists including Sandro and Celia Cruz. Prize of the National Fund of the Arts of Argentina for its Concertango: Concert for Baritone Sax and Orchestra.

Fernando Rosa.
Saxophonist, composer, master, born in 1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an early age he expressed his interest in music. He began his studies at the Alberto Ginastera Conservatory, continued at the Carlos López Buchardo National University Institute of Art, where he obtained his degree in Musical Arts. Driven by the need to expand his knowledge, he traveled to Holland to perfect himself with the Maestro and great artist Arno Bornkamp.
He has been awarded the First Prize of the Ninth Youth Biennial Contest, in the "Chamber Music" Category, organized by the Buenos Aires Musical Festivals and the First Prize of the National Chamber Music Contest "Music in Plural-Culture Nation".

Fernando Rosa is an Buffet Crampon & Vandoren Artist.
Fernanda Lagger.
Saxophonist and clarinetist graduated from the Santa Fe School of Music (Arg). She studied at “Carnegie Mellon University” (USA), School of Contemporary Music (Berklee Arg), Superior Technique in Jazz (Manuel de Falla, Arg), and Astor Piazzolla Superior Conservatory (Arg).
She has given courses in saxophone, chamber music, functional harmony, and improvisation in different National and International Festivals and actually teaches saxophone, functional harmony, and ensembles at the Liceo Municipal at Santo Tome city, Santa Fe - Argentina.
She also played in different National and International Festivals in different editions and she is currently part of Fernanda Lagger Trio (Jazz fusion with her own compositions), Fernanda Lagger Ska Jazz, Prendes-Lagger Latin American Music, Dúo Raíz Fusión (folk-tango), and Kamalote (Rock-Reggae).

Roberto Morales Loredo.
Mult-instrumentist musician, teacher of saxophone at the “Plurinational” Conservatory of Music of Bolivia both in the areas of classical saxophone and modern saxophone.

He has formed different Bolivian music groups and currently integrates “Savia nueva” and “Aymuray” with which he presented a record production in May 2016, being an alternative proposal of Bolivian fusion music. Recently he presented his first solo album entitled "Viscarra", with his own compositions, in homage to the great La Paz writer Victor Hugo Viscarra.

Rosse Aguilar.
Saxophonist, singer, songwriter, and educator. She studied singing and saxophone in Guatemala, at the National Conservatory of Music, at the Alfredo Colom School for Teachers of Musical Education, at the Universidad del Valle, and the Da Vinci University. She has studied Jazz in Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico, where she was awarded several prizes and scholarships.
 With versatile musicality and extensive knowledge of harmony and composition, she perfectly masters the scat technique with which she stands out for her originality. She has written more than a dozen musical compositions in which she combines her jazz, Latin music, samba, and flamenco influences.
Artist for the Vandoren France and BG France saxophone brands.

Rodrigo Romero.
Active saxophonist in South Florida and Lima (Peru). As a sideman, he has both played and recorded with artists such as Tito Puente Jr., Dave Fernandez, Paul Ayick, Cheesy Chains, Rafael Fusa, Luis Linares among others. As an educator, Rodrigo is a former Music Tutor at Broward College (FL) and an active online music instructor. Romero is currently working on a new project as a bandleader called "Singles".

Patricia López.
Saxophonist, flutist, composer, and producer, from Montevideo (Uruguay). With a strong musical personality, Patricia develops her sound in jazz and creative music. Over twenty years, she has studied professionally in many cities around the world, attending multiple residencies and Masterclasses in Curitiba, San Pablo, Florianopolis, Amsterdam, La Haya, and New York. In 2014, she complete a degree, Superior Technique in Jazz at the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory (Buenos Aires). 
During the last four years, Patricia received two Uruguayan scholarships from FONAM and MEC to specialize in New York with renowned musicians such as Tim Berne, Ralph Alessi, Tony Malaby, and Rich Perry. In 2019 she recorded "Wanderlust" her first album, award-winning as "Best Uruguayan Jazz Album" (2021). At the beginning of April (2020), she founded the Worldwide Sax Alliance (WSA) and "Mujeres de Iberoamérica en el Jazz collective".


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